Friday, May 2, 2008

Choosing The Perfect Beach Theme Wedding Stationery

Stationery is an important part of any wedding. Brides and grooms will make their first impression upon their special guests with the invitations and thank their guests for beautiful wedding gifts with thank you cards. It's essential that you have the perfect beach theme wedding stationery for your nuptials!

Beach theme wedding invitations are what your guests see first - they are what ask your friends and family to join you on your special day! Choose wedding invitations that reflect you and your groom's style and personalities. It will show through to your guests with the right invitation!

Guide your guests to their tables at your beach theme wedding reception with table cards and place cards that will add a special touch to your reception decoration. Starfish or nautical themed place cards and table cards will look perfect at any beach them soiree.

If you and your groom are really planning your wedding in advance, be sure to send your guests a simple save the date card for them to remember to mark their calendars for your special day. You can set the mood for the occasion with beach theme save the date cards!

Thank you cards are one of the most important aspects of your wedding stationery. Choosing elegant and respectful beach theme thank you cards will let your guests know how much you and your new husband truly appreciate their thoughtful gifts!

Choosing the right beach theme wedding stationery doesn't have to be a challenge - just trust your instinct and use your creativity to select something that really reflects the mood of the big day.

Make Your Beach Theme Wedding Unique

Many brides that are having beach theme weddings want a classic wedding, but they want something untraditional enough to set them apart from the standard bride. You can incorporate many different items into your wedding to give it some flair, and even small touches will do the trick. When you pay attention to the details, your guests know that you took the time and effort to truly make things special!

Coconut cups on a reception table will give guests the feeling of being in the exotic islands, and give them something fun to take home as a momento. Fill the cups with traditional drinks such as sodas, teas or water or go all out and treat your guests to a delicious, frothy Pina Colada in a coconut cup!

Colorful starfish dishes are perfect for appetizers or desserts, and really add a flair to your beach wedding reception table. You'll love the way the frosted glass stands out against a traditional white tablecloth and your guests will be delighted by their uniqueness.

Put an Aloha Teddy Bear on the children's table, or better yet, give them as favors to the kids! They'll love having a teddy bear to take home and cherish as a special keepsake from your wedding.

Refresh your guests in style at your beach theme wedding with personalized bottles of water. Your guests will really get a kick out of these special bottles of water and may even be inclined to keep the bottle for later use!

Shop around for things that are unique that you can incorporate into your beach theme wedding for the perfect finishing touch!

Welcome Your Guests With Beach Theme Welcome Baskets

If you're having a beach theme wedding or a destination wedding, chances are many of your guests are going to be coming in from out of town. Your guests will be tired when they arrive, and will be ready to settle into their hotel room and get a good night's rest before the wedding festivities. You can make your guests feel at home and welcome by preparing their hotel room with a beach theme welcome basket!

Don't just buy a premade welcome basket for your guests - show them how much you appreciate their presence at your beach theme wedding by crafting one yourself. It's certainly not difficult! Simply purchase an inexpensive basket and fill it with beach theme goodies that will pamper them! You can also use welcome bags or gift boxes to acheive the same effect.

A flip flop manicure set is perfect for that special female guest and will make them feel taken care of. Any guy will enjoy sand dollar cookies and everyone will love personalized lemonade packets. If you and your guests plan to do a lot of sunbathing at your beach theme wedding, give each guest a personalized beach towel to show how much you care. You can dress up the package with shredded tissue paper or traditional tissue paper for a pulled together look.

When crafting a beach theme welcome basket, simply use your creativity. Your guests will love them and know that you truly care!