Saturday, September 27, 2008

Create a Gorgeous, Inexpensive Beach Wedding Centerpiece

You can create a beautiful, unique and inexpensive beach wedding centerpiece just like this one for just pennies! First, start with a clear vase and lots of fresh greenery, like palm leaves. Fill each vase with palm leaves and set on top of a mirror or a flat, smooth craft plate.

Sprinkle sand generously all around the vase, creating small sand mounds. The centerpiece should now resemble a sort of palm tree in the sand. Next, strategically place votive candles inside miniature hanging lanterns all around the vase to create gorgeous, romantic lighting. If you've used a mirror base, the reflection of the candles will add to the atmosphere.

Add a few starfish and some seashells and you've just created a completely one of a kind beach wedding centerpiece for much less than you would have spent on a premade centerpiece! You can change up the design of this centerpiece by adding other special touches, such as bamboo, tropical flowers such as orchids or even miniature sailboats. Add beach themed place cards and you've got a complete table setting! This beach wedding centerpiece is versatile enough to be used for each of your reception tables, your cake table and anywhere else you need unique and beautiful decorative touches for your beach theme wedding!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perfect Beach Wedding Accessories : Sand and Shells

Sand and shells are the unique hallmarks of a beach wedding. Incorporate them as much as possible into your beach theme wedding for a uniform look that is truly memorable. How can you use sand and shells to create your wedding look?

You can decorate your reception tables with clear bottles filled with sand and shells, whether nestled in a centerpiece or standing alone. Decorate your cake table and even your bride and groom table for little pieces of the beach everywhere you look. This is a wonderful way to bring a beach theme to a wedding that isn't exactly on the beach!

Favors are an important way to show your guests how much you care, but finding the perfect favors for a beach theme wedding can be a little intimidating. You want to find inexpensive favors that are thoughtful and help to create memories of your wedding that last forever. Give your beach theme wedding guests a little piece of the beach to take home to thank your guests for attending your special day. Personalized sand and shells in a bottle can add that perfect finishing touch to a great beach theme wedding reception.

You can also pair sand and shells in a bottle with candies, roll up programs and place inside for the ceremony or even just use them here and there for that little something extra. No matter how you use sand and shells, you can be sure they're always in style at a beach theme wedding and can help make it special.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nautical Theme Wedding Accessories

Whether you're having a beach themed wedding or you and your partner have a passion for sailing, having nautical theme decorations and wedding favors can really set the mood for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Votive candles are quickly becoming a popular way to add romantic lighting to reception tables, and a glass sailboat votive holder will really capture the light of the candle. Your guests will love how the romantic, flickering flame lights up the sailboat's glass sails and casts a gorgeous glow across the room.

Sailboat and nautical themed place card holders also add a whimsical touch to your reception table decoration, and guests can even take them home and use them as photo holders. It's a great way to show each of your guests to their seats!

Sailboat theme wine bottle toppers and keychains are classic wedding favors and each guest will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Let them remember how much fun your nautical or beach theme wedding was every time they open a bottle of wine or use their keys!

You can also place sailboat designed tins on your reception table and fill them with mints, candy or party nuts to let guests snack on in between cocktail hour and dinner or even after dinner. No matter how you choose to use sailboat and beach themed accessories for your wedding, each piece will help bring out the mood and feel of your wedding!

Disposable Beach Wedding Cameras Add A Special Touch

Make your guests and your wedding party feel included in your beach theme wedding by placing disposable wedding cameras on the tables at your reception. Not only will you have the excellent, professional photos from your photographer, you'll have lots of fun and candid photos from your guests that catch special moments at your beach theme wedding reception that your photographer may not be able to catch.

Start by giving your flower girl a special camera of her very own. Flower girls play an incredibly important part in your wedding, and you can make her feel included and ultra special by letting her have a camera that is just for her! You might not get the greatest photos from her camera, but she will love the special gift you got just for her.

Get the most out of having cameras at your beach theme wedding by placing two or more on every table. While you don't have to have one for each guest, you don't want to limit yourself to just one per table. Watch as your guests have a blast snapping candid photos of each other all night long!

After the wedding, you and your groom can have the photos developed and sort through the ones you want to put in the scrapbook and which ones are just for fun. Surprise some of your special guests by having some photos that they took printed and put in a little album just for them!

How To Make Fun Beach Theme Favor Bags

Making your own beach theme wedding favors can often be less expensive - and more fun - than purchasing pre-made favors. It also gives your wedding a personal touch and lets your guests know that you really do appreciate their presence on your special day. Here's how to create fun and inexpensive favor bags that look great at your reception tables.

Felt favor bags are an easy way to start making your beach theme wedding favors. They're simple to use, they look great and you can easily fill them with anything you like. You can use other favor bags as well, boxes or even simple tulle circles filled with whatever you like and tied with a ribbon on top.

Personalized favor tags are next on the list. It's a great way to bring your beach theme wedding together and showcase you and your groom's nuptials - it even gives your guests a little memento to your wedding that they can keep or place in a scrapbook. Choose a personalized favor tag that matches your favor bags.

Now here's the fun part - pick something you really like and fill your favor bags with it! You can fill your favor bags with candy (Jordan almonds are always a favorite) or you can fill it with more than one thing. Place tissue paper in the bottom of the bag to help it stand up, and fill it with delicious chocolates or personalized wedding candy. Voila! A perfect beach theme wedding favor.