Sunday, September 14, 2008

Disposable Beach Wedding Cameras Add A Special Touch

Make your guests and your wedding party feel included in your beach theme wedding by placing disposable wedding cameras on the tables at your reception. Not only will you have the excellent, professional photos from your photographer, you'll have lots of fun and candid photos from your guests that catch special moments at your beach theme wedding reception that your photographer may not be able to catch.

Start by giving your flower girl a special camera of her very own. Flower girls play an incredibly important part in your wedding, and you can make her feel included and ultra special by letting her have a camera that is just for her! You might not get the greatest photos from her camera, but she will love the special gift you got just for her.

Get the most out of having cameras at your beach theme wedding by placing two or more on every table. While you don't have to have one for each guest, you don't want to limit yourself to just one per table. Watch as your guests have a blast snapping candid photos of each other all night long!

After the wedding, you and your groom can have the photos developed and sort through the ones you want to put in the scrapbook and which ones are just for fun. Surprise some of your special guests by having some photos that they took printed and put in a little album just for them!

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