Sunday, September 14, 2008

How To Make Fun Beach Theme Favor Bags

Making your own beach theme wedding favors can often be less expensive - and more fun - than purchasing pre-made favors. It also gives your wedding a personal touch and lets your guests know that you really do appreciate their presence on your special day. Here's how to create fun and inexpensive favor bags that look great at your reception tables.

Felt favor bags are an easy way to start making your beach theme wedding favors. They're simple to use, they look great and you can easily fill them with anything you like. You can use other favor bags as well, boxes or even simple tulle circles filled with whatever you like and tied with a ribbon on top.

Personalized favor tags are next on the list. It's a great way to bring your beach theme wedding together and showcase you and your groom's nuptials - it even gives your guests a little memento to your wedding that they can keep or place in a scrapbook. Choose a personalized favor tag that matches your favor bags.

Now here's the fun part - pick something you really like and fill your favor bags with it! You can fill your favor bags with candy (Jordan almonds are always a favorite) or you can fill it with more than one thing. Place tissue paper in the bottom of the bag to help it stand up, and fill it with delicious chocolates or personalized wedding candy. Voila! A perfect beach theme wedding favor.

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