Friday, October 1, 2010

Orchid Glamour Large Sticker - Bridal Everything

Orchid Glamour Large Sticker - Bridal Everything

New from our sister site at Available in a variety of colors.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beach Wedding Gown

Beach Wedding Dresses 11
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Consider parasols for you, your bridesmaids and guests to keep you cool at your beach wedding.

Beach Wedding Decorations

Beach Wedding at Bali Hyatt
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We love the beach wedding decor!

Adirondack chair cake toppers

Beach Wedding Cake: Oak Island, NC Carolina Cakes & Confections
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Still a very popular cake topper idea for beach weddings.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beach Wedding Details

Share your beach wedding photos with us.

Chocolate Seashells

Beach Beach Weddings

Perfect use for chocolate seashells!

Seaside Beach Wedding Cake

Seaside Beach Wedding Cake
Beautiful cake using shades of green and cream colors.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Message in a bottle

We love this creative idea. Fill cork top bottle favors with your message and add jelly beans in your wedding color scheme. The bottles will double as "wedding bells" by guests.

Starfish embellished favor boxes

Incorporate your beach themed wedding with starfish, raffia and beachy favor tags.

Lavender seaside decorating ideas

We love the simplicity of blue and frosted glass bottles along with coral pieces and blue votive holders as table decorations. Filling a vase with shells and topping it off with beautiful orchids and other flowers makes a beautiful centerpiece.

Sandtray Centerpiece Ideas

Use some of the wooden square trays that we offer to make your own floral candle centerpieces. Here they have added a pillar in the center with votives in two corners and filled in with flowers. You can add sand, starfish and seashells to make yours more beachy.

Check out our sand trays here:

Beach Wedding Letterpress Invitations

Love these beach wedding response cards.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Relax with Beach Chair Favors

Chairs – we see them everyday, we use them everyday and we appreciate them everyday. After all, chairs represent sitting down to relax after a hard day at work on your toes. Well, of course, chairs will also represent work, work and more work for the desk-bound among us but still, working on a desk while sitting on a comfortable chair definitely beats sitting on an electric chair.

But that’s neither here nor there with the topic at hand, which is beach chair favors. Then again, with wedding favors in the shapes of chairs, you are almost saying to your guests to “Sit down, relax and just enjoy the show” – the show being your wedding, of course.

Don’t be pressured into putting on a grand show, however, as your guests will better appreciate a fun, relaxed and casual time with family and friends. Just make sure that your guests are comfortable, are fed delicious foods and are having a good time on the dance floor. You will then be able to relax, too.

So, why choose beach chair favors, you may ask? First, you can keep to your budget since these wedding favors are very affordable. Prices range from $1.35 each to as much as $29.95 for a miniature folding beach chair.

Second, your wedding favors for a beach-themed wedding will definitely be unique. Your supplier can have these miniature chairs personalized for a small additional fee. You may have beach towel stickers placed on the chairs bearing your name and your partner’s name as well as the date and venue of the wedding.

Third, you can have a two-in-one favor and place cards! Yes, your guests can find the tables where they are supposed to be seated by the beach chair favors, which they can then take home with them at the end of the festivities. Again, you should be well within your budget.

Fourth, your wedding favors can be used in a variety of uses. Choose from place card holders, tea light holders and photo holders, to name a few choices. The important thing is that these favors appeal to your own sense of form and function. Indeed, who says that favors have to be useless knickknacks?

With all these good reasons for going for beach chair giveaways, you can now relax and just enjoy the process of planning your wedding. You might say that it is one thing down on the list of to-do things, so to speak, and one less thing to worry about.

Sweet Edible Beach Favors In More Ways than One

Beach weddings are sweet, romantic and fun ways to bring together your family and friends to celebrate your union in marriage. You can combine the casual atmosphere of the beach with the romantic concept of being married in the seemingly eternal cycle of the sun, not to mention that you and your guests can really get your hair down and just have fun.

Well, why not add to the excitement of your wedding by planning for edible beach flavors? Your guests will love it that they will be able to enjoy your wedding favors instead of having to go through the wringer of deciding to keep or throw away the said favors.

For example, not everybody will want to keep key chains, small photo frames and other odds and ends from your wedding. These can add to the clutter in your guests' homes, after all. But when it comes to edible wedding favors like mints, candies and chocolates, you can be sure that your guests will definitely keep the goodies - in their stomachs, that is.

Now, if that is not being sweet and thoughtful to the sanity of your guests, then think of the sweet tastes that your edible beach favors will give for them. Mints are good favors especially when your guests have had too much to drink and it shows - nay, smells. Just open the tin box and your mints are waiting for you in time for the next slow dance.

And then there are the chocolates in various beach-related themes. Think seashells, sand dollars and starfishes and you get the idea. Since it is almost heretical to refuse the gifts of chocolates, you have the happy thought that your chocolate favors are going to be a hit. Even if other aspects of your wedding go nuts, you have this thought to comfort you, not to mention that chocolate is in itself comfort food.

Your choices in packaging of your edible beach favors are many, too. There are boxes with ribbons, tins with quirky designs, and baskets with bows, to name a few. Just make sure to ask your wedding supplier if your choice of edible favors come in the colors complementing your motif. After all, you want to have a unified wedding theme from the color of your bouquet to the design of the favors and everything else in between.

When it comes to wedding favors, you must veer away from the traditional knickknacks, which can be a hit-or-miss affair. Instead, go for edible wedding favors that your guests will surely express their liking for, mainly by eating them. Now, that is appreciation!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspired by Sea Glass

Love this beach wedding theme inspired by beach glass.

Seaside Wedding at Twilight

Inspirations for a seaside wedding.

Beach Wedding Flower Petals

A cute way to distribute flower petals to shower the bride and groom.

Beach Wedding Parasols

Always a great idea for guests.

Beach Wedding Sailboat Table Number Sign

Love these unique sailboat table numbers!

Beach Wedding Parasols

B 212
Originally uploaded by betsyphoto
A great way to add color to your wedding with a beach wedding parasol.

Beach Wedding Ring Pillow

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Check out a similar ring pillow here:

Yellow Beach Wedding Cake

.the cake.
Originally uploaded by JeMaSiDi
Love that you can incorporate your own wedding colors (outside of the traditional blues) and still have a beautiful beach themed wedding cake (in yellow!).

Beach Wedding CupCake Towers

This would be wonderful for a beach theme bridal shower or wedding reception.

Beach themed wedding shower

Gorgeous beach theme wedding cookie favors!