Saturday, September 27, 2008

Create a Gorgeous, Inexpensive Beach Wedding Centerpiece

You can create a beautiful, unique and inexpensive beach wedding centerpiece just like this one for just pennies! First, start with a clear vase and lots of fresh greenery, like palm leaves. Fill each vase with palm leaves and set on top of a mirror or a flat, smooth craft plate.

Sprinkle sand generously all around the vase, creating small sand mounds. The centerpiece should now resemble a sort of palm tree in the sand. Next, strategically place votive candles inside miniature hanging lanterns all around the vase to create gorgeous, romantic lighting. If you've used a mirror base, the reflection of the candles will add to the atmosphere.

Add a few starfish and some seashells and you've just created a completely one of a kind beach wedding centerpiece for much less than you would have spent on a premade centerpiece! You can change up the design of this centerpiece by adding other special touches, such as bamboo, tropical flowers such as orchids or even miniature sailboats. Add beach themed place cards and you've got a complete table setting! This beach wedding centerpiece is versatile enough to be used for each of your reception tables, your cake table and anywhere else you need unique and beautiful decorative touches for your beach theme wedding!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perfect Beach Wedding Accessories : Sand and Shells

Sand and shells are the unique hallmarks of a beach wedding. Incorporate them as much as possible into your beach theme wedding for a uniform look that is truly memorable. How can you use sand and shells to create your wedding look?

You can decorate your reception tables with clear bottles filled with sand and shells, whether nestled in a centerpiece or standing alone. Decorate your cake table and even your bride and groom table for little pieces of the beach everywhere you look. This is a wonderful way to bring a beach theme to a wedding that isn't exactly on the beach!

Favors are an important way to show your guests how much you care, but finding the perfect favors for a beach theme wedding can be a little intimidating. You want to find inexpensive favors that are thoughtful and help to create memories of your wedding that last forever. Give your beach theme wedding guests a little piece of the beach to take home to thank your guests for attending your special day. Personalized sand and shells in a bottle can add that perfect finishing touch to a great beach theme wedding reception.

You can also pair sand and shells in a bottle with candies, roll up programs and place inside for the ceremony or even just use them here and there for that little something extra. No matter how you use sand and shells, you can be sure they're always in style at a beach theme wedding and can help make it special.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nautical Theme Wedding Accessories

Whether you're having a beach themed wedding or you and your partner have a passion for sailing, having nautical theme decorations and wedding favors can really set the mood for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Votive candles are quickly becoming a popular way to add romantic lighting to reception tables, and a glass sailboat votive holder will really capture the light of the candle. Your guests will love how the romantic, flickering flame lights up the sailboat's glass sails and casts a gorgeous glow across the room.

Sailboat and nautical themed place card holders also add a whimsical touch to your reception table decoration, and guests can even take them home and use them as photo holders. It's a great way to show each of your guests to their seats!

Sailboat theme wine bottle toppers and keychains are classic wedding favors and each guest will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Let them remember how much fun your nautical or beach theme wedding was every time they open a bottle of wine or use their keys!

You can also place sailboat designed tins on your reception table and fill them with mints, candy or party nuts to let guests snack on in between cocktail hour and dinner or even after dinner. No matter how you choose to use sailboat and beach themed accessories for your wedding, each piece will help bring out the mood and feel of your wedding!

Disposable Beach Wedding Cameras Add A Special Touch

Make your guests and your wedding party feel included in your beach theme wedding by placing disposable wedding cameras on the tables at your reception. Not only will you have the excellent, professional photos from your photographer, you'll have lots of fun and candid photos from your guests that catch special moments at your beach theme wedding reception that your photographer may not be able to catch.

Start by giving your flower girl a special camera of her very own. Flower girls play an incredibly important part in your wedding, and you can make her feel included and ultra special by letting her have a camera that is just for her! You might not get the greatest photos from her camera, but she will love the special gift you got just for her.

Get the most out of having cameras at your beach theme wedding by placing two or more on every table. While you don't have to have one for each guest, you don't want to limit yourself to just one per table. Watch as your guests have a blast snapping candid photos of each other all night long!

After the wedding, you and your groom can have the photos developed and sort through the ones you want to put in the scrapbook and which ones are just for fun. Surprise some of your special guests by having some photos that they took printed and put in a little album just for them!

How To Make Fun Beach Theme Favor Bags

Making your own beach theme wedding favors can often be less expensive - and more fun - than purchasing pre-made favors. It also gives your wedding a personal touch and lets your guests know that you really do appreciate their presence on your special day. Here's how to create fun and inexpensive favor bags that look great at your reception tables.

Felt favor bags are an easy way to start making your beach theme wedding favors. They're simple to use, they look great and you can easily fill them with anything you like. You can use other favor bags as well, boxes or even simple tulle circles filled with whatever you like and tied with a ribbon on top.

Personalized favor tags are next on the list. It's a great way to bring your beach theme wedding together and showcase you and your groom's nuptials - it even gives your guests a little memento to your wedding that they can keep or place in a scrapbook. Choose a personalized favor tag that matches your favor bags.

Now here's the fun part - pick something you really like and fill your favor bags with it! You can fill your favor bags with candy (Jordan almonds are always a favorite) or you can fill it with more than one thing. Place tissue paper in the bottom of the bag to help it stand up, and fill it with delicious chocolates or personalized wedding candy. Voila! A perfect beach theme wedding favor.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tips To Make Your Beach Wedding Eco-Friendly

Make your beach theme wedding a little greener and more eco-friendly with just a few simple touches.

1. Donate your wedding gown or buy a used wedding gown - or both. It's a shame that wedding gowns are traditionally only used once. As with regular clothing manufacturing, a certain amount of chemicals and earth's resources are used to create each and every wedding dress. By purchasing a used wedding dress or donating your dress after your beach wedding, you can minimize the impact your wedding dress has on the earth.

2. Use biodegradable seed paper for your wedding invitations, programs and favors. These incredible wedding items are great for beach weddings, because they can simply be planted instead of thrown away, burned or shredded. When planted by your guests at either your wedding site, their homes or even their favorite park or garden, biodegradable seed paper will simply sprout wildflowers! It's a beautiful way to make your beach theme wedding create a positive impact on the earth.

3. Serve local, farmer's market food at your wedding reception. While you might not be inclined to go vegan or vegetarian (although you should have these options for some of your guests), you can make your beach wedding more eco-friendly by having your vendors purchase meats, fruits and vegetables from the local farmer's market.

Beach weddings are a celebration of the earth's beauty and the union between two people - you can make yours even more incredible by being eco-minded and reducing the impact your wedding has on the earth as much as you can.

Thank You Card Etiquette

Thanking your guests after your beach theme wedding is extremely important. Many of your guests will give you gifts and many of them may end up traveling quite a long distance to be at your side on your special day. Part of thanking your guests for attending your wedding happens at the reception, with unique and fun wedding favors for them to take home and remember your big day by. Still, finding a way to thank your guests a week or two after the festivities is traditionally the proper way to do things. Here's how you can thank your guests, beach wedding style!

Use thank you cards. This is the most traditional way to thank your guests - send them to everyone who attends your wedding and especially to everyone who has sent you a gift. When making out your thank you cards, however, something impersonal such as, "Thanks from Mr. and Mrs. Smith" just won't cut it. You don't want to send generic thank you cards because it will be very obvious that you sent the same style card to everyone else who was at your beach theme wedding. Take the time to go through your gifts and your guestbook and really look at who did what for you. Did someone travel a long way? Make sure to mention it in that person's thank you card. Did someone purchase you a gift you and your new husband really love? Mention that too. If two people from the same household got you two separate gifts, they each need a separate thank you card.

Friday, August 29, 2008

How To Ask Your Friends and Family To Be Your Beach Wedding Bridesmaids

Selecting who out of your friends and family will be your bridesmaids at your beach theme wedding can be a tough decision. Once you've made the cut, however, it's time to ask them if they'll be your girls. Will they say yes?

Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but it's also a big responsibility. Not only do your bridesmaids need to assist with wedding plans, errands and the like, but they'll also have the responsibility of purchasing their dresses and having their hair and makeup done for the big day. If you're having a beach destination wedding, it can be even more of a financial burden for your friend or family member to travel for the event. Asking your bridesmaids to be by your side on your wedding day isn't something you should take lightly - it's important that they know how much you love and appreciate them when you're asking them to be your bridesmaids.

Ask each bridesmaid-to-be individually. Try taking them out to lunch with just the two of you, or send them a special card. Be sure to note the reasons why you're asking them to be your bridesmaid. If they've truly been there for you, make sure they know it! It's also important to let them know that it's okay if they decline - some people just can't take on that type of responsibility. Make sure you have a list of backups in this case. It's important to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids well in advance so they can plan for the big day and you have time to ask other friends or family members should your first choices decline!

Selecting The Perfect Bridesmaid Jewelry

Choosing bridesmaid jewelry for your beach theme wedding doesn't have to be difficult. You can save time and energy by choosing a simple, beautiful piece that speaks volumes yet is elegant and sophisticated. Pearls are often the gem of choice for beach theme weddings, as pearls themselves come from the ocean. Beach brides will usually incorporate pearls into their wedding attire, whether on their dress, in a tiara or in their bridal jewelry. You can incorporate pearls into your bridesmaids' attire as well, creating a uniform yet one of a kind look.

Give your bridesmaids each something unique to wear while still staying with a streamlined look. Pearl necklace and earring sets can come in a variety of muted colors, offsetting your bridesmaid dress of choice beautifully. Many pearl necklace and earring sets feature a single pearl instead of a multitude of pearls, giving it a simple and chic essence without overwhelming the rest of your bridesmaids' look.

Other styles of pearl necklaces are definitely a little bit bolder, creating a look that is as timeless as the sea and beach itself. Crystals and pearls work beautifully together, each stone perfectly complementing the other. Drop necklaces work well with many different styles of bridesmaid dresses, so you can be sure that your bridesmaids will look stunning. Finding jewelry and accessories that not only make your bridesmaids look good but items that they love is a big part of bringing together your whole day into one, perfectly planned and coordinated package!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Treat Your Guests To Delectable Beach Wedding Favors

Thanking your guests for being by your side on your special day takes thought, creativity and the genuine desire to really show them how much their presence meant to you. Edible beach wedding favors are the perfect way to show your guests how much you care! There's just something special and exquisite about a delectable treat just for your guests.

You can truly go elegant by using pearlized chocolate seashells. They're beautiful and unique, and make excellent beach wedding favors and even easy and inexpensive cake decorations. White chocolate and traditional milk chocolate seashells also work well for beach wedding favors, or you can use a combination of all three for a truly one of a kind look. Simply slip them into a sheer organza bag with a tag and you've got perfectly elegant and delicious wedding favors.

You can go for something more whimsical for your beach wedding favors, such as fun shortbread lobsters, starfish sea turtles or sugary sand dollar cookies. There are so many different types of edible beach wedding favors that you can use, allowing you true freedom when it comes to choosing the favor that will best fit your beach wedding theme and d├ęcor. Your guests will really enjoy having a special treat to themselves on your wedding day and they'll know you took the time and effort to choose something they'd truly love. When it comes to beach wedding favors, it's always the thought that counts!

Give Your Beach Wedding A Special Touch With Starfish

Starfish simply say "beach" - why wouldn't you want to incorporate them into your beach theme wedding? You can add them to anything, including your bouquet, your centerpieces and even your wedding arch or pew bows. With starfish, you have so much freedom to be creative!

Use white knobby starfish for a bold look in a beach wedding reception table centerpiece, or incorporate thin, white finger starfish into your bridal bouquet for a more delicate look. There's something so beautiful and unique about starfish that you can use them for such a variety of things! Traditional sugar starfish are a choice that many beach brides make, as their rich, sandy color really pops out against white and even other, brighter colors. You can use them to decorate your cake table and reception tables by simply strewing them about, or you can place them next to baskets full of real seashells for an elegant, pulled together look.

Starfish also make great beach wedding favors. They're a gift you can give that truly lets your guests remember how special your big day really was! For an elegant starfish beach wedding favor, you can use a specially crafted silver starfish wine bottle topper, or you can give something a little more whimsical, such as real starfish refrigerator magnets. No matter how you choose to incorporate starfish into your beach theme wedding, they'll really pull together all the minute details and make your special day look and feel exactly the way you want it to!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stickers: A Fun And Easy Way To Personalize Your Beach Wedding!

Many beach brides don’t immediately think of using beach themed stickers to personalize their wedding and add special touches to place cards, invitations and favors. Stickers, however, are actually an easy way to personalize your wedding, allowing you to be creative and place a sticker wherever you want! You can use stickers with you and your husband’s names as well as your wedding date to add that perfect touch to a beach wedding favor, an invitation, a place card or even your wedding stationery and thank you cards. It’s so easy and inexpensive!

For an inexpensive favor/centerpiece idea, purchase plain white metal beach pails. You can use other colors as well, but white is a great way to make the colors of the sticker pop. Fill the pail with candy, top with an umbrella or flower and stick one of your beach theme personalized stickers on the outside. Put a few of these in the middle of every table and you’ve got great beach wedding favors that double as reception table centerpieces that were fun and easy to make.

You can use stickers on anything – just don’t go overboard! Pick a few things to use stickers on to keep the look uniform and streamlined.

Add A Splash Of Color To Your Beach Wedding With Chair Sashes

Making your beach theme wedding stand out from the crowd doesn’t have to be a challenge. It also doesn’t have to be expensive! There are so many ways you can add colorful and elegant details to your beach wedding that don’t cost a lot and don’t require a lot of time investment. You’re a busy bride after all!

A great way to add a splash of color to your beach theme wedding is to use chair sashes in your coordinating wedding colors. Even if you’re having a plain white beach wedding, a white organza chair sash can really add texture and depth to your beach wedding reception.

Many beach brides are harnessing the beauty and splendor of the ocean itself when planning their beach wedding colors and choosing to use a beachy blue or a shimmering aqua. Chair sashes in aqua or ocean blue really stand out against a white chair linen and are easy colors to work around when planning the rest of your beach wedding details. It’s easy to add a splash of blue or aqua to your chairs with chair sashes, and you can incorporate those same colors into your napkins, invitations, wedding flowers and more to tie everything together for the perfect beach theme wedding!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Toasting Flutes Beach Theme Table Centerpiece

Using this elegant and practical beach theme wedding centerpiece or reception table is incredibly easy! It's the perfect addition to any beach theme wedding reception. You can purchase it ready made, or add your own touches for a more customized look. The sophisticated and beautiful toasting flutes have ever so slightly blue tinged stems without bases, making them unable to stand on their own. This might seem less convenient at first, however, champagne toasting flutes of this style make it easier for you to be creative with how you present them and how your guests keep them stored at home.

You can make this gorgeous centerpiece customized by simply taking a vase of your choice and filling it with a bit of sand, shells and other decorations. Use the included heart shaped vase with sand for a smaller centerpiece or you can use a tall cyndrilical vase (just fill it with more sand at the bottom so the flutes emerge from the top), or you can use a more creative vase such as a vase within a vase or a hurricane vase.

Colored sand that matches your wedding palette can be added for something more creative, or you can use the natural sand for a more "beachy" feel. If you're using a different vase, especially if it's a larger one, scoop up some dry, natural sand from your beach wedding venue instead of purchasing additional sand to make these beach wedding centerpieces even more inexpensive!

This centerpiece also doubles as favors - after the toast, each guest can take home a champagne toasting flute for their own as a keepsake to remember how much fun they had at your beach theme wedding!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beach Theme Table Decorations

beach themed table decorations
Originally uploaded by kevandem

Use an aqua colored organza overlay and you have the perfect look of the ocean. Place sand and shells around your centerpiece to complete the look. I love the glass cylinders that have a candle inside and are wrapped with translucent shell paper for a frosted beach theme glow.

Beach Wedding Cake Ideas

Originally uploaded by CaTiCiTa!!!

What a beautiful wedding cake! I love the color palette and a great way to use oversized starfish. Not sure if these are real or confectionary!

(Find real oversized starfish at our store here:

Memorial Candles Make The Difference

Your loved ones may have passed away, but that doesn't mean they have to be excluded from your beach wedding. If you and your husband to be want to remember your beloved family members that have departed at your wedding, you can do it elegantly and tastefully with beautiful memorial candles or even a delicately inscribed vase.

Whether you're honoring your grandparents, your parents or another loved one at your beach wedding, you want to make sure they have a place on your special day just like they have a place in your heart. Display a bouquet of flowers or place your bridal bouquet in an inscribed vase with your loved one's name or a short poem on your altar or on a small pedestal in the sand or next to the crashing ocean waves.

You can also remember your dearly departed with a specially engraved memorial candle. Keep the flame burning during your beach wedding ceremony and reception to honor your loved one and let your guests know that they are with you in spirit.

Represent your loved one's ascent into the beyond with a floating memorial candle, something that pays tribute to your loved one as well as to the beautiful ocean waves. Make a floating memorial candle unique by filling the bottom with sand and real seashells and placing it next to a photo of your beloved. No matter how you choose to represent your departed friends and family at your beach wedding, they will be remembered with a gorgeous keepsake that will keep them in your mind and heart forever.

Unique Beach Wedding Favors

If you like the idea of fun in the sun with signature cocktail drinks, you'll love this neat favor idea. You've probably seen the personalized cocktail favors, where you can customize a dry packet mix of cosmopolitans or margaritas - or even lemonade for the non-drinkers. We'll, here's a great side kick!

These unique seaside or beach inspired swizzle sticks make a unique favor when you add your own gift favor tags and ribbon. Available in aqua or blue, they are sure to be a great addition to engagement party favors or bridal shower favors at your Girl's Night Out!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jeweled Beach Sandals For Barefoot Brides

Looking your best at your beach theme wedding doesn't have to be a challenge. A few simple touches can go a long way!

Many brides choose to have a beach theme wedding ceremony to go barefoot. There's nothing like feeling the wet sand beneath your feet while walking down the aisle to marry your future husband and pledge your love to each other for the rest of your life. Going barefoot can be a symbol of going back to your roots and enabling you to experience the fullest of each moment on your wedding day, just like when you played barefoot on the beach as a child.

While some brides elect to go completely barefoot, many like to wear beach foot jewelry to enhance their feet and complete their wedding look. There are a number of jeweled sandals created for bare feet that will perfectly complement your wedding attire and make each step towards the altar count.

If your dress is ivory or white, choose jeweled sandals that feature pearls or crystals in a color similar to your dress. While you might not be able to find the exact same types of beads, these types of jeweled sandals will look amazing in the sunlight.

You can also choose something more colorful, such as sandals that feature pink or aqua blue beads. Many designs have mother of pearl shell accents to really bring the "beach" feeling to life. Choose the sandals that fit your personality best and watch as you capture the attention of each and every one of your wedding guests.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beach Pail Centerpiece Idea

This beach pail centerpiece was very fun and easy to make. We took one of our embossed tin beach pails (has shells and starfish around it and has a bit of a distressed look to it), added one of our green hydrangea and burgundy rose bouquets (floral foam inside the pail to hold it in place) and added some real shell swizzle sticks to add more of a beachy feel to it. For this picture, we attached a round table number card with some raffia ribbon to finish the luck and allow it to double as a table number holder. Such a gorgeous centerpiece idea!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beach Wedding Centerpieces

See What's New at the Beach Theme Wedding Shop!
We have a whole line of beautiful silk flower wreaths that can be easily turned into gorgeouse beach wedding centerpices for your beach wedding reception!

These are really beautiful wreaths that would make great gifts when your wedding is over. So life-like, you need to get up close to see that they are silk!

We added cream colored tulle around the foam base (It's raised a bit so the tulled really adds some elegance to it!) We added a hurricane or candle vase with sand and shells and embellished the wreath with starfish and shells.

These really make unique beach wedding centerpieces. The best part is they are quick and easy and they won't die after your event!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tropical Destination Wedding Centerpieces

Originally uploaded by danivance

These are very simple yet elegant looking centerpieces. Looks like they are used here as decorations but would make great centerpieces for long rectangular tables.

Beach Pail Centerpieces

Number 16 with Flowers
Originally uploaded by annes_flowers

I love the use of the beach bucket pails for centerpieces. Here, they placed a table number sign holder they created from a closepin to hold their table number. Love the chocolate and pink combination.

Lantern Beach Centerpiece

350D@24-70, M, f/9, 0.8sec, iso-100, Tripod
Originally uploaded by r a m | r e z

I love the use of flowers at the base of the hanging lantern. Use tropical flowers with our white hanging lanterns for a beautiful centerpiece idea.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wedding Details and Ideas

Napa Wedding Details and Ideas
Originally uploaded by OnceWed

Look at the mini beach pails or galvanized buckets on the right! You could do the same thing by putting sweets in the buckets and attaching a favor card. Line them up at the entrance of your event and use them as escort cards for guests. So cute!

Sandbucket Snacks

Sandbucket Snacks
Originally uploaded by Anne Ruthmann

What a cute idea for serving guests snacks! Plastic pails are embellised with a variety of shells and are filled with snacks. You could do something similar to this by using our white embossed beach pails (already with the beach theme on it) and fill several pails with candies and do your own beach theme candy buffet!

Beach Themed Centerpiece

Beach Themed Centerpiece
Originally uploaded by Anne Ruthmann

This is a beautiful way to add additional color to your tables. A round glass vase or candle holder filled with sand, starfish, sandollars and shells and an orange color votive in the center. The glass within a glass helps contain the flame. I love the blue tulle used to resemble water!

Beach Wedding Centerpiece

Originally uploaded by [ peejay ]

This is a neat way to utilize glass cylinder vases. Very popularly used with sand, shells and a single candle, you can also fill them with water. They've colored the water here with blue food coloring. For an evening wedding, I might even add a rose shaped floating candle or add some glass beads and floral lites!

Beach Wedding Centerpiece Idea

When our regional magazine holds bridal events, we like to show the latest bridal fashions and talk about the latest wedding trends. By far one of the most popular among our brides that attend our events are our inspiration tables. We know that brides are always on the look out for ideas that they can use in their wedding.

To the right is a picture of one of our theme tables, the Beach Wedding table which includes one of our pink theme beach wedding centerpiece kits. A 12" hurricane candle holder with sand, a white pillar candle, a variety of shells and starfish and a few silk flower heads to help give it a bit of color. We used white table cloths on 90" round tables with a beautiful blue mist organza overlay to give the feel of the blue ocean. We added some mini glass votives surrounded with sand and shells to add more candlelight and then scattered an assortment of shells on the tables. Each place setting included one of our shell place card holders and a sand dollar cookie favor for each guest.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beach Chair Photo Frame Placecard Holders

I love how this couple used the beach chair photo holders by inserting their engagement photo and giving to guests as favors. These can also hold place cards for guests or simply use then to decorate your beach wedding reception tables. You can find these at our store here:

Marbled Chocolate Seashells

Coral and Shells at angle
Originally uploaded by Glass Slipper Gourmet

This is a magnificent looking beach theme wedding cake picture. I love the detail the baker put into it! This is a great way to use the marbled chocolate seashells we sell at the Beach Theme Wedding Shop (

Friday, May 2, 2008

Choosing The Perfect Beach Theme Wedding Stationery

Stationery is an important part of any wedding. Brides and grooms will make their first impression upon their special guests with the invitations and thank their guests for beautiful wedding gifts with thank you cards. It's essential that you have the perfect beach theme wedding stationery for your nuptials!

Beach theme wedding invitations are what your guests see first - they are what ask your friends and family to join you on your special day! Choose wedding invitations that reflect you and your groom's style and personalities. It will show through to your guests with the right invitation!

Guide your guests to their tables at your beach theme wedding reception with table cards and place cards that will add a special touch to your reception decoration. Starfish or nautical themed place cards and table cards will look perfect at any beach them soiree.

If you and your groom are really planning your wedding in advance, be sure to send your guests a simple save the date card for them to remember to mark their calendars for your special day. You can set the mood for the occasion with beach theme save the date cards!

Thank you cards are one of the most important aspects of your wedding stationery. Choosing elegant and respectful beach theme thank you cards will let your guests know how much you and your new husband truly appreciate their thoughtful gifts!

Choosing the right beach theme wedding stationery doesn't have to be a challenge - just trust your instinct and use your creativity to select something that really reflects the mood of the big day.

Make Your Beach Theme Wedding Unique

Many brides that are having beach theme weddings want a classic wedding, but they want something untraditional enough to set them apart from the standard bride. You can incorporate many different items into your wedding to give it some flair, and even small touches will do the trick. When you pay attention to the details, your guests know that you took the time and effort to truly make things special!

Coconut cups on a reception table will give guests the feeling of being in the exotic islands, and give them something fun to take home as a momento. Fill the cups with traditional drinks such as sodas, teas or water or go all out and treat your guests to a delicious, frothy Pina Colada in a coconut cup!

Colorful starfish dishes are perfect for appetizers or desserts, and really add a flair to your beach wedding reception table. You'll love the way the frosted glass stands out against a traditional white tablecloth and your guests will be delighted by their uniqueness.

Put an Aloha Teddy Bear on the children's table, or better yet, give them as favors to the kids! They'll love having a teddy bear to take home and cherish as a special keepsake from your wedding.

Refresh your guests in style at your beach theme wedding with personalized bottles of water. Your guests will really get a kick out of these special bottles of water and may even be inclined to keep the bottle for later use!

Shop around for things that are unique that you can incorporate into your beach theme wedding for the perfect finishing touch!

Welcome Your Guests With Beach Theme Welcome Baskets

If you're having a beach theme wedding or a destination wedding, chances are many of your guests are going to be coming in from out of town. Your guests will be tired when they arrive, and will be ready to settle into their hotel room and get a good night's rest before the wedding festivities. You can make your guests feel at home and welcome by preparing their hotel room with a beach theme welcome basket!

Don't just buy a premade welcome basket for your guests - show them how much you appreciate their presence at your beach theme wedding by crafting one yourself. It's certainly not difficult! Simply purchase an inexpensive basket and fill it with beach theme goodies that will pamper them! You can also use welcome bags or gift boxes to acheive the same effect.

A flip flop manicure set is perfect for that special female guest and will make them feel taken care of. Any guy will enjoy sand dollar cookies and everyone will love personalized lemonade packets. If you and your guests plan to do a lot of sunbathing at your beach theme wedding, give each guest a personalized beach towel to show how much you care. You can dress up the package with shredded tissue paper or traditional tissue paper for a pulled together look.

When crafting a beach theme welcome basket, simply use your creativity. Your guests will love them and know that you truly care!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sweet Beach Theme Wedding Favors

Every guest loves a favor at a wedding - it's something that's packaged especially for them, a treat to thank them for attending your special day. It's important to choose great favors for your guests and if you're having a beach theme wedding, you can use this opportunity to incorporate a beach theme into another aspect of your ceremony and reception.

Chocolate can be molded into many shapes and sizes and seashell shaped chocolates make a beautiful, tasty and elegant favor to give to your guests. Try marbled seashell chocolates or pearlized ones - either way, you're going to truly be making a sweet impression on your guests! If you're having a small wedding, a full box of starfish turtle chocolates will be stunning at the reception table.

Personalized favors are great as well - you can have you and your groom's names and your wedding date inscribed on the favor for an ultra personal touch. Personalized mints will freshen up any reception table and personalized chocolate bars will give your guests something sweet and special to take home with them. Why not order some all-white candy conversation hearts with bridal messages to place in organza bags for your guests to enjoy?

Letting your guests know how much their presence meant to you on your special day doesn't have to be a challenge. Everyone loves something sweet! Just be a little creative and you can find the perfect beach theme wedding favors for the big day.

Keep Guests Cool During Your Beach Wedding

Keeping guests cool at a beach theme wedding can sometimes be tough to do, especially if your wedding is in the middle of summer and during the day. You want your guests to be comfortable during the ceremony and reception - the last thing you want is everyone sweating and ready to get out of there and seek refuge in the cool air conditioning of another building or their cars. How can you keep your guests cool at your beach theme wedding?

Change The Day And Time

If possible, consider having your beach theme wedding earlier in the summer, such as in late May or early June and consider having the ceremony and reception in the morning before 10:00 a.m. or in the evening when the sun is setting. The worst times for beach theme weddings is in the middle of the summer, such as July or August and in the middle of the day.

Use Parasols and Fans

Parasols will help keep your guests in the shade and help keep the sun off their faces, keeping them cool and comfortable during your wedding ceremony. Hand paper fans out to each guest so they can fan themselves if they start to get warm. You might not think that parasols and fans would do much, but you'd be surprised at how welcome a paper fan can be during a hot wedding ceremony on the beach!

Put the extra effort into keeping your guests cool and comfortable at your beach theme wedding to show them how special this day is to you!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beach Bride Footwear

Shoes are an important part of the bride's wedding attire and most brides have a wide selection of the footwear that they can wear with their wedding gown. Beach brides, however, have more of a challenge, especially if their ceremony takes place in the sand. A bride certainly can't wear high heels at a beach themed wedding! What can a beach bride wear?

Flip flops are a classic beach option for anyone, whether they're casual flip flops or dressy. Many beach brides choose comfortable, casual flip flops to wear with their gown because most gowns trail the floor and hide their shoes. Many beach brides are choosing tea length or shorter dresses, however, and not just any flip flops will do.

White flip flops are perfect, and you can purchase some with gorgeous details on them to match your beach wedding gown. They're comfortable and dressy enough to work with any beach themed bridal attire. Silver flip flops are also a great choice and will make you feel glamorous even though you're simply wearing comfortable shoes to your beach wedding!

Don't stress out over the type of footwear you're going to don at your beach theme wedding. Trust your instinct to choose the perfect shoes to match your wedding dress - after all, it's your wedding and you want to look absolutely fabulous! Just don't count out flip flops from the beginning - there are many styles that would look absolutely stunning with your gown and are comfortable to wear too!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Decorate Your Beach Wedding Reception With Real, Natural Seashells

Many beach theme wedding decorations include seashells, and rightly so. Natural seashells truly bring the beach to the table and you can use them to decorate your reception tables, your cake table and even your ceremony if you get creative with them! You can actually do a great number of things with natural seashells and using them can really make an impact at your beach wedding!

Why not use actual, real seashells as place card holders? Show your guests to their seats in style with seashells that have been modified to hold place cards and even small photos if you wish. Use large seashells as wedding reception table decorations to really make a statement or mix it up with smaller natural seashells for unique and dimensional beach theme wedding decorations. Try sprinkling extra small seashells on the tablecloths for a "confetti" look - your guests will be surprised to learn that they're actually miniature seashells when they sit down! You can even let your guests take some of the shells home in small boxes or baskets to decorate their own homes with or add to their collection of keepsakes.

If you're looking for a classic beach theme wedding addition, try using all white seashells. They'll create a gorgeous, elegant and chic look to your wedding and add just the right touch to your ceremony! No matter how you choose to use natural seashells at your beach wedding, you can rest assured that they're just the thing you've been looking for to put the finishing touches on your wedding decorations.

Tips For Using Silk Flower Petals At A Beach Wedding

It's traditional to line the wedding ceremony aisle with gorgeous flower petals - and why would it be different with a beach theme wedding? You can make quite a statement at your wedding with red or white rose petals that stand out against the crystalline sand. Here are some great tips to employ when considering using traditional flower petals at your beach theme wedding.

Use silk rose petals.

Silk rose petals can easily be cleaned up after the event and boxed delicately for a precious wedding keepsake. With silk petals, you don't have to worry about them getting bruised or damaged in storage before or after the wedding, or during the ceremony! You can mix and match colors and the petals will never wilt or fade, making them the perfect addition to your beach wedding.

Try Something Unique

Why just stick with rose petals? Try incorporating something unique and different into your beach wedding ceremony, such as silk hydrangea petals. These gorgeous, for pronged petals will really make the difference and show your guests how important each and every detail is to you!

Something To Throw

Instead of rice, birdseed or even bubbles, many beach brides and grooms choose to have rose petals thrown at them by their guests. One of the most popular way to distribute gorgeous silk rose petals for your guests to toss is beautifully wrapped individual boxes. Your guests can each take one and toss the petals at you and your groom as you exit the church.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Have A Blast With Just Married Accessories!

Chances are, if you’re having a beach theme wedding, you’re taking your honeymoon on the beach. Of course – who wouldn’t? With all the sand, sun and ocean waves to be enjoyed, you’re going to have to pack some “Just Married” essentials, so everyone knows that you and your new husband just said “I Do.”

Make a splash with his and hers “I love him/I love her” flip flops or don colorful “Just Married” flip flops – every footstep in the sand will be a tribute to your new love!

Of course, a “Just Married” bikini is the perfect way to flaunt your beach theme nuptials. Draw attention to your sun kissed skin with a gorgeous bikini – but don’t worry, you won’t get hit on – everyone will know right away that you’re taken by your brand new husband.

You’ll want to keep the sun out of your eyes, but why do it with just any old pair of sunglasses? His and hers “Just Married” sunglasses are a great way to announce your wedding to the world. You’re sure to draw attention to the fact that you and your hubby are head over heels in love with each other!

One of the most favorite things to do on the beach is lounge around in your bathrobe either in your hotel room or by the pool – you can make a statement by having your bathrobe personalized with your new last name or get matching “Mr. and Mrs.” bathrobes for the both of you!

Why not have fun with beach theme “Just Married” accessories? You’ll only get to do it once!

Beach Theme Wedding Stationery - Making It Count

Wedding stationery is one of the most important aspects of your beach theme wedding – it is, after all, the first impression that you make to your guests! No doubt you want it to be absolutely beautiful. You don’t have to stop at just invitations – you can incorporate the beach into everything at your beach wedding!

Beach theme wedding place cards can truly add the finishing touch to your wedding reception tables – you can go the traditional route with personalized starfish and seashell decorated place cards or mix it up a little with nautical themed cards. Why not direct your special guests to their seats with style?

You can also make a great first impression with beach theme save the date magnets, especially if you’re planning your wedding quite a bit in advance. Your guests will love the convenience of a magnet and will remember your wedding date every time the open the fridge!

Why stop there? Your favors might need a little dressing up with inexpensive beach theme wedding favor tags. Favors are your gift to your guests to thank them for attending your special day – let your guests know how much you appreciate their attendance with personalized beach wedding favor tags.

Take advantage of the abundance of beach theme wedding stationery and use those “little somethings” to help bring your wedding full circle! Your guests will be amazed at your attention to detail and you’ll feel wonderful on the big day knowing that every little aspect of your wedding is perfect!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sand Ceremony Sets Create A Unique Touch

Just about every bride knows about the traditional unity candle - it is used to symbolize the joining of a husband and wife as well as the joining of the two families. Beach brides can do it a little bit differently at their beach theme wedding with sand ceremony sets to create unique memories that last a lifetime!

Sand ceremony sets are comprised of three or more different vases of colored sand. The bride, the groom and their parents each have a vase with a different color of sand. Many families choose to have their children have vases with different colors of sand or other members of their families. During the ceremony while poetry is being read or music is being played, the families each pour their sand into the larger glass vase (which is usually empty before this part of the ceremony). The sand can be layered in any pattern that the bride and groom wishes to symbolize the blending of families.

Heart shaped sand ceremony vase sets can add more emotion to this part of the ceremony and will make a wonderful keepsake, while sand ceremony vases with candles incorporated into them will give the set a more traditional touch. Engraved sets will also give your ceremony a unique and personalized touch - but don't forget to purchase the sand in the colors of your choice!

Let the natural beauty of sand speak for you and your groom at your beach theme wedding to signify the start of a new life together!

Beach Theme Wedding Accents

Celebrating the most special day of your life - your beach wedding day - includes having wonderful keepsakes filled with unique memories of you and your husband's new commitment to each other. You can incorporate the beauty of the crystal sand and the ocean waves into every aspect of your beach theme wedding - leave no detail unattended to!

Beach theme cake serving sets are a great way to create picturesque moments that truly capture the emotions of your wedding day - whenever you look at a wedding photo album, many times the most fun and captivating photos are of the bride and groom cutting, serving and feeding their first piece of wedding cake to each other!

You can also show your guests how important your beach theme wedding day is by topping your cake with a beautiful and unique beach wedding cake topper! Photo toppers are always in style because they're truly personalized for you and your groom - or you can add a little bit of whimsical flair with a barefoot beach bride and groom topper! If you're looking for something classic, a pristine white starfish or swooning couple with seagulls will do the trick.

Let your guests know how important every little detail of your beach theme wedding is to you by incorporating the beach theme into every aspect of your wedding from the invitations to the wedding cake to the flowers in your hair. Choosing the right accents for your wedding will convey your style and your personality at your beach wedding!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Choosing The Perfect Beach Theme Flower Girl Basket

When choosing a flower girl basket for your flower girl, it's important to choose a basket that reflects your wedding theme, colors and personality. Beach theme weddings give you a lot to choose from – you can choose a rustic, woven basket that someone might use when walking along the beach looking for shells or you can choose a gorgeous, satin flower girl basket adorned with delicate starfish and crystals.

Take note that you'll probably need to have quite a few more petals strewn across your aisle at your beach wedding than you might have thought – especially if your aisle is just the gorgeous ivory beach sand! You'll definitely want to make an impact with the flower petals and just having a few thrown here and there might not cut it. That said, when selecting your beach theme flower basket, make sure you choose one that is large enough for how many petals you need.

You might want to choose a beach theme flower girl basket that matches other items in your wedding, such as the guestbook, pen and holder, ring pillow and unity candles – you'll bring together a look that's absolutely fabulous! You can also select just a ring bearer's pillow and the flower girl basket in a set, and even a set with a touch of color! Soft blues and ivories really bring out the beach look in any beach theme flower girl basket and ring bearer's pillow.

Let your personality speak through all of your beach theme wedding items and your guests will know how very special this day is to you!

Beach Wedding Cake Tips and Tricks

Beach wedding cakes are the center of every wedding reception – they're beautiful, creative and above all, delicious! Here are a few tips on how to make sure your wedding cake is best enjoyed by you and your guests.

- If you can afford it, opt for more cake than you really need, even up to double the number of slices. This is definitely not necessary, but a nice touch so you can make sure everyone gets enough cake! A groom's cake can help fill this need and are typically less expensive than the traditional wedding cake. Work with your baker to find out how much cake you need.

- Send your guests home with a slice in creative, elegant and fashionable cake boxes. Your guests can enjoy your wedding cake at home, or freeze it and save it for your anniversary!

- Decorate your cake table. Although your beach wedding cake is absolutely the focal point of your reception, having an expertly decorated cake table just adds to the beauty and elegance of a wedding cake. Add lots of flowers, candles and other special touches for a dazzling cake table that your guests will remember.

- Skip the fondant, if possible, or at least have your baker lay the fondant over a buttercream icing layer. Fondant has the tendency to taste strange, and the buttercream will help mask it.

No matter what you do, your guests are sure to enjoy your beach theme wedding cake – but utilizing these tips at your wedding reception will let your guests enjoy your cake that much more!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Choosing Understated Beach Wedding Jewelry

It's often difficult to decide on what bridal jewelry you'll wear and what your bridesmaids will wear on your wedding day. What goes well with your dress? What adds that perfect touch to your bridesmaids' dresses? What reflects your beach theme in the best way?

There are quite a few new trends hitting the wedding fashion industry and designers are complementing their dresses with simple, understated jewelry. The idea is that less really is more! No longer are brides and bridesmaids wearing heavy bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and hair jewels – it's too much! Now members of the wedding party are opting for just a bracelet and earrings or a centerpiece necklace.

Simple drop pearl necklace and earring sets work well for both brides and bridesmaids, no matter what your wedding colors are. Pearls come from oysters, and naturally remind everyone of the low key beauty of the sand and waves. You can also wear understated, classic rhinestones or cubic zirconia for a gorgeous sparkling look – just be careful not to go overboard.

While most brides and bridesmaids elect to wear jewelry to the wedding ceremony, you might want to consider opting out if your dress has a lot of detail to it, such as pearls, crystal beading or other features that make it the focal point of what you're wearing. Donning a necklace or even earrings may take away from your dress' special features – something you might not want to do.

Don't buy the first pieces of jewelry you see – for you or your bridesmaids. Try a few pieces on and mix it up between earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings to find the perfect beach theme wedding look for you and your girls!