Monday, August 25, 2008

Stickers: A Fun And Easy Way To Personalize Your Beach Wedding!

Many beach brides don’t immediately think of using beach themed stickers to personalize their wedding and add special touches to place cards, invitations and favors. Stickers, however, are actually an easy way to personalize your wedding, allowing you to be creative and place a sticker wherever you want! You can use stickers with you and your husband’s names as well as your wedding date to add that perfect touch to a beach wedding favor, an invitation, a place card or even your wedding stationery and thank you cards. It’s so easy and inexpensive!

For an inexpensive favor/centerpiece idea, purchase plain white metal beach pails. You can use other colors as well, but white is a great way to make the colors of the sticker pop. Fill the pail with candy, top with an umbrella or flower and stick one of your beach theme personalized stickers on the outside. Put a few of these in the middle of every table and you’ve got great beach wedding favors that double as reception table centerpieces that were fun and easy to make.

You can use stickers on anything – just don’t go overboard! Pick a few things to use stickers on to keep the look uniform and streamlined.

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