Friday, August 29, 2008

How To Ask Your Friends and Family To Be Your Beach Wedding Bridesmaids

Selecting who out of your friends and family will be your bridesmaids at your beach theme wedding can be a tough decision. Once you've made the cut, however, it's time to ask them if they'll be your girls. Will they say yes?

Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but it's also a big responsibility. Not only do your bridesmaids need to assist with wedding plans, errands and the like, but they'll also have the responsibility of purchasing their dresses and having their hair and makeup done for the big day. If you're having a beach destination wedding, it can be even more of a financial burden for your friend or family member to travel for the event. Asking your bridesmaids to be by your side on your wedding day isn't something you should take lightly - it's important that they know how much you love and appreciate them when you're asking them to be your bridesmaids.

Ask each bridesmaid-to-be individually. Try taking them out to lunch with just the two of you, or send them a special card. Be sure to note the reasons why you're asking them to be your bridesmaid. If they've truly been there for you, make sure they know it! It's also important to let them know that it's okay if they decline - some people just can't take on that type of responsibility. Make sure you have a list of backups in this case. It's important to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids well in advance so they can plan for the big day and you have time to ask other friends or family members should your first choices decline!

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