Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Memorial Candles Make The Difference

Your loved ones may have passed away, but that doesn't mean they have to be excluded from your beach wedding. If you and your husband to be want to remember your beloved family members that have departed at your wedding, you can do it elegantly and tastefully with beautiful memorial candles or even a delicately inscribed vase.

Whether you're honoring your grandparents, your parents or another loved one at your beach wedding, you want to make sure they have a place on your special day just like they have a place in your heart. Display a bouquet of flowers or place your bridal bouquet in an inscribed vase with your loved one's name or a short poem on your altar or on a small pedestal in the sand or next to the crashing ocean waves.

You can also remember your dearly departed with a specially engraved memorial candle. Keep the flame burning during your beach wedding ceremony and reception to honor your loved one and let your guests know that they are with you in spirit.

Represent your loved one's ascent into the beyond with a floating memorial candle, something that pays tribute to your loved one as well as to the beautiful ocean waves. Make a floating memorial candle unique by filling the bottom with sand and real seashells and placing it next to a photo of your beloved. No matter how you choose to represent your departed friends and family at your beach wedding, they will be remembered with a gorgeous keepsake that will keep them in your mind and heart forever.

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