Sunday, August 17, 2008

Toasting Flutes Beach Theme Table Centerpiece

Using this elegant and practical beach theme wedding centerpiece or reception table is incredibly easy! It's the perfect addition to any beach theme wedding reception. You can purchase it ready made, or add your own touches for a more customized look. The sophisticated and beautiful toasting flutes have ever so slightly blue tinged stems without bases, making them unable to stand on their own. This might seem less convenient at first, however, champagne toasting flutes of this style make it easier for you to be creative with how you present them and how your guests keep them stored at home.

You can make this gorgeous centerpiece customized by simply taking a vase of your choice and filling it with a bit of sand, shells and other decorations. Use the included heart shaped vase with sand for a smaller centerpiece or you can use a tall cyndrilical vase (just fill it with more sand at the bottom so the flutes emerge from the top), or you can use a more creative vase such as a vase within a vase or a hurricane vase.

Colored sand that matches your wedding palette can be added for something more creative, or you can use the natural sand for a more "beachy" feel. If you're using a different vase, especially if it's a larger one, scoop up some dry, natural sand from your beach wedding venue instead of purchasing additional sand to make these beach wedding centerpieces even more inexpensive!

This centerpiece also doubles as favors - after the toast, each guest can take home a champagne toasting flute for their own as a keepsake to remember how much fun they had at your beach theme wedding!

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