Friday, September 9, 2011

Toast In Beach Style

Not all toasting glasses are alike, although, if you've attended many weddings you might think so. Do something different at your wedding that guests will never forget. These beautiful Beach Wedding Toasting Flutes are anything but ordinary with their heart-shaped vase filled with sand and shells. When not being used, they look stunning resting in the sand. Don't miss out on the sale that's going right now, which includes these Beach Wedding Toasting Flutes. No one will wonder what your theme is if you use these glasses at your reception.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Say Thanks To The Men In The Wedding

Thank the men in your wedding party for being a part of your special day with a gift they can use. Our bottle opener key chain will come in handy and also remind them of the great time they had at your wedding. Unlike presents that will be thrown away, this gift can be used for many years. It can be engraved with the groomsman' s inital for a personal touch.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beach Bling: Traditional Or Modern

For beach weddings, many brides contemplate if they should be more casual in their attire, including the jewelry. Feeling like their look needs to resemble a tropical princess, they wonder if they should ditch the traditional pearls. One way to combine both traditional wedding jewelry

with a ocean front flair is to choose accessories that are contemporary, yet also incorporate pearls. This Pearl Drop and Crystal set is the perfect way to do just that.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Join Us On Facebook For Special Discounts & More

As you're messaging friends on Facebook and catching up with relatives who live far away, check out our Facebook page. Become a fan and receive special discounts toward purchases on our site. You can also read some of the latest tips and trends for your upcoming beach side wedding. In addition, the page allows you to communicate with other brides who are also planning a ceremony along the ocean. This gives you direct resources to many ideas for your special day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Wait Until Last Minute To Order Favors & Decor

To make sure you have everything you need in time for your dream wedding by the ocean, place your order as soon as you can. Six months in advance is a good guideline, but if your wedding is farther away than that and you know what you need, order it now. Because we are a retailer and not a manufacturer, we can't guarantee how long a particular item will be in stock. Also, you want to make sure you have enough time to make sure there's time to return something if needed.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Renew, Refresh and Relax

Beaches make gorgeous backdrops for weddings, but they also provide the perfect location for vow renewals. Celebrate the years you've been married overlooking the ocean. Many resorts offer simple packages for anniversaries where you can participate in a short exchange of vows and recommit your lives to each other. Also included in many of these services is a two or three night stay at the hotel so you can have your second honeymoon. Even if you don't invite any guests, tropical settings give you and your husband an intimate way to relax and relish the strong relationship you share.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ask Them To Take To The Sky For Your Big Day

As you plan your destination wedding, take the opportunity to tell people in an amazing way. Jetting off to a tropical island isn't typical, and neither should the invitations be. These paper gliders can be used as save the date notices or the actual inviation for your wedding. Sold in packs of 12, these eye-catching planes and envelopes will definitely make people open them immediately.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let Them Remember With Grains of Sand

Witnessing a wedding on the beach is a beautiful memory. Your guests will appreciate this special opportunity to celebrate with you as they feel the soft sand under their feet and smell the ocean air. Give them a piece of that moment so they'll always remember your tropical ceremony. Our Personalized Sand & Shells In A Bottle will take them back to your big day every time they look at the favor. With real sand and shells inside a glass bottle with cork top, this gift can be personalized with the bride and groom's names and wedding date at no additional charge. These mementos come in packages of 12.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cure Those Wedding Weather Blues

Since you're exchanging vows in a tropical location, bad weather is a possibility. Along with planning for an alternative location for the ceremony, you should also have some indoor options available for guests staying at the hotel. Especially at destination weddings, friends and family are normally at the resort for at least two or three days. If it rains all day when you had volleyball, water sports and picnics on the beach for all your guests, you need to have another idea in place. Check with the location ahead of time and find out what indoor activities are close by. Make up a list to give to everyone when they arrive so they aren't stuck inside a tiny room. Movie theaters, malls, family fun centers, clubs and other entertainment might be closer than you think.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cover Favors And Decor With Coral Tags

When planning a beach-themed wedding, many brides want to keep the tropical feel without getting too cheesy. Our Coral Reef Tags add an elegant, but aquatic touch to any ocean side wedding. Perfect for candy bar favors, labels on buckets or containers, and ways to personalize decor, these tags come in a set of 2o. You can select the right color to match your color scheme and add your names, date and personal message.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Your Cake In A Way No One Will Forget

To top off your cake in a way your guests will never forget, consider the Just Married Beach Wedding Cake Topper. This replica of a groom carrying his bride on the beach definitely coordinates with a wedding held in front of the ocean. It also brings the outdoors in to a reception with the symbolic sand underneath the couples' feet. The topper is available with a Caucasian, African American or Hispanic bride and groom.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nick Lachey's Destination Dilema

When Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo married on Sir Richard Branson's private island in the US Virgin Islands, they still fought paparazzi even though they didn't even tell their guests where they were going ahead of time. In the end, the security they hired was able to hold off the camera carrying boaters, and the couple enjoyed their personal moments. While you aren't likely to hide from paparazzi on your wedding day, a destination wedding can definitely offer a more private affair. If your budget allows, there are private islands available for rent that gives an extremely intimate atmosphere. Just be prepared to shell out large amounts of money for the seclusion.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flowers Still Have A Place At The Beach

Even at a beach wedding, flowers add a beautiful touch. Because aisle decor and floral arrangements aren't needed for a ceremony overlooking the ocean, splurge a little more on your bouquet. It will make your dress pop, and make you feel like a bride. Whether you go will all white, your favorite color, or one to match your overall scheme, make sure to ask to see a sample or photo before the big day to make sure it's what you've always dreamed of.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sand Trays Help You Bring The Beach Indoors

After saying "I do" while listening to the crashing of the ocean and feeling the grains of sand under your feet, it's hard to transition to an indoor reception. Especially if the venue doesn't incorporate the same feel as your ceremony, the two might seem disjointed. Using certain decorations not normally seen at a reception will avoid this lack of flow. Our sand box trays can be filled with sand and used to place escort cards or favors in. They also make a great base for centerpieces. Available in numerous colors, you're sure to find one that matches your scheme.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Refresh Your Guests On A Hot Summer Day

Summer is a very popular time to get married on the beach. However, it's also the hottest season of the year. To keep your guests cool, provide our personalized lemonade packets as a favor. If you're having a destination wedding, consider sending a little gift bag or basket to the rooms of those who have traveled to share this special day. Include items such as the lemonade packets so they can enjoy a refreshing drink as they sit on their balcony overlooking the ocean. These packets come in many different styles and colors.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make Sure Guests Have Comfortable Seats

Although many beach side weddings are simple and informal, it's still important to consider your guests' comfort. If your ceremony is going to last longer than 15 minutes, you should think about providing chairs for them. Many venues offer seating at no additional charge or at a minimal fee. Even if you decide not to set out seats for everyone, grandmothers and mothers should at least not be required to stand during the wedding.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Save Now And Let Everyone Know You're A Newlywed As You Walk

Our Just Married flip flops are now on sale for only $11.66. These cute shoes will keep your feet comfy as you walk along the beach with your husband after your wedding. With each step you take, you'll leave your own unique "Just Married" footprint in the sand. Don't miss out on this great chance to offer your feet a stylish look as you relax on your well-deserved honeymoon, telling the world of your new status at the same time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Starfish Keychain Favor Says "Thanks" With A Sparkle

Saying "thank you" to guests may seem unspoken. However, purchasing the right favor can make them immediately think of the moment you appeared on the beach in your gown or beamed at your groom as you took his hand as husband and wife. Our new crystal starfish key chains can do just that as they are wrapped in satin and tied up in a box with a bow. A "thank you" tag in a matching design is also attached to the packaging.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our New Personalized Mini Glass Jars Offer Endless Possiblities

If you want to purchase a favor for your guests that doesn't limit you to one option, check out our versatile, personalized glass jars. These mini containers can be screen printed with numerous designs plus your names and wedding date. With many colors available, these jars also make great bridal shower decorations and gifts for guests. Once you receive the jars with your exact image and color choice, it's up to you what you fill them with. From candy, to mints, to confetti and more, the possibilities are endless. The jars measure 3 1/2 in. x 2 1/4 in. and can hold up to four fluid ounces.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Give Guests A Healthy Glow At Your Ceremony

Oceanside ceremonies are breathtaking, but if held during the middle of the day when the sun is most powerful, guests can easily get sunburned. Offer those who have traveled to share this special day with you sunscreen disguised as a favor. These colorful bottles of SPF 15 come in a variety of designs and colors. Your names and wedding date can also be added at no additional charge.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Help Guests Find Their Table With A Tropical Flair

Table cards probably aren't the first thing you think about when planning your reception. However, they are very important if you want guests to sit at certain spots. Guests will be able to easily find the right table without wondering around the room, trying to figure out where they are supposed to sit. Choosing cards that carry out your beach theme will allow all of your decor to coordinate. Simple details like tropical feeling table cards instead of plain white ones really add a lot to completing the atmosphere of an ocean side wedding. Check out our variety of table cards that bring the outdoor ocean feel indoors.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Involove The Little Girls Who Are Dear To You

When planning a wedding, everyone in a family gets excited, even cousins, nieces and in-laws. For the little girls in your family, this is their chance to see a real live fairy tale. As you marry the love of your life on the beach, she sees a princess walking off into the sunset with her prince. If possible, let these young women be a part of all the action by naming them junior bridesmaids or flower girls. They will feel so special and giddy as they get to be an acutal member of the bridal party.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tote Your Belongings In Style At Your Beachfront Wedding

For most brides who get married along the ocean's edge, they arrive at least a day or two prior to the ceremony. Before you pack up your necessities that must accompany you on your big day, get this stylish tote that's perfect for the beach. Because it's reversible, you can use the tropical print side as you're working out last minute details. Then once you say "I do", turn the bag inside out to proadly boast that you are "Just Married" as you set off for the honeymoon.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cherish Every Moment of Your First Days as Husband and Wife

After all the planning, shopping, meetings, decision making and chaotic timing, you are finally married to the love of your life. So make the most of every moment while on your honeymoon. Althought there probably will be numerous fun and exciting activities available, don't overlook the importance of just relishing being together. Sit on the beach while holding your husband's hand and watch the sunrise. Stoll along the ocean's edge and let the waves crash into your feet. Laugh together, gaze into each other's eyes and just enjoying being in each other's presence.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Remember Who Attended Your Wedding In A Unique Way

Everyone has signed a guest book at a wedding, but your special day isn't typical. Set to take place beside the ocean, allow your guests make their presence known at this event by signing a personalized canvas that you can hang in your home forever. You won't loose this "guest book" or forget where you put it. Along with your initial, you can personalize it with up to two lines of text.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Include Your Family In Simple Ways

Although your wedding by the ocean might be small and informal, your family still wants to be included. If you can, let your Dad walk you down the aisle, even if it's barefoot in the sand. Give your Mom her place of honor and let her be escorted into the front row right before the ceremony begins. For brides with siblings, let them pass out programs, greet guests when they arrive, or make toasts at the reception, even if you don't have bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Send An Invitation As Unique As You

When you send out a wedding invitation, you're showing people a little more about you and your groom. You're also doing a lot more than just telling them the day, time, and location of the ceremony. By mailing pieces of paper to family and friends that ask them to come to your wedding, you're giving them a little hint about what they can expect at the event. Be creative and think out of the box. Check out our selection of beach themed wedding invites. After all, this is the first glimpse of your big day guests will get. Leave them expecting more.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Personalized Backdrops Add An Unique Touch

Everyone loves to take pictures at a wedding. Not only will all of your family want to snap that perfect shot of you and groom, but your friends will love taking pictures of each other all dressed up. At a beach ceremony, having a personalized back drop is a nice way to offer a special place for all those photos to be captured. It also double duties as a gorgeous decoration during the wedding.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Beachy Topper Takes The Cake

While Aunt Ethel and your future mother-in-law may urge you to stick with traditional, ceramic bride and groom figures for your cake, stand your ground. If you're getting married next to the ocean, allow that theme to flow into every area of your wedding. We offer so many different cake toppers with a tropical feel. Some are even on sale through June, like this one. This personalized acrylic decoration with palm trees in the background is a four inch square that would look beautiful on any cake at an ocean front reception.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Capture The Spectacular Sun Set Photo

When getting married on the beach at sunset, make sure not to miss that picture perfect opportunity. Even if you're using a professional photographer, it's important to check with the venue to see what time sun set usually takes place to capture that beautiful moment. If you want to exchange vows or share your first kiss right as the sun starts to descend, ask the facility representative way in advance when would be the best time for that. Then you can plan the time to start the ceremony accordingly.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Make Your Special Day Just As Special For Your Guests

For a destination wedding where people travel far to attend, make them feel appreciated. Most people take time off work and spend a lot of money to be there. In order to let them know you are really thankful they came, send a gift to their room with a personal note attached. Another kind gesture is to have meals set up in the resorts restaurant just for your guests. Some brides and grooms or their families even pay for traveling attendees' hotel stay if they can.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exchange Vows in Paradise

While beaches are only a short walk or drive for many, some people aren't lucky enough to live near the ocean. For those who are surrounded by land but dream of a waterfront ceremony, a destination wedding can be the solution. From inclusive packages to a simple ceremony, the possibilities are endless. For tropical locations that are far away, it's best to hire a wedding planner who will also handle all of the travel arrangements.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Remeber The Outdoors When Selecting A Gown

Beachfront weddings are very different from indoor ceremonies. While natural scenery provides decor that no one can compete with, other factors must be considered. Besides an alternative plan for bad weather, a bride must think about the temperature and humidity when choosing a dress. Look ahead at a calendar to get an idea of what will be forecast for the day you exchange vows. If you can't get accurate information online, contact the venue. Although weather patterns are constantly changing, they can at least give you and idea of what the normal conditions are for that season.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Symbolize The Joining Of Your Lives - Beach Style

While lighting a candle at the same time may not work outside by the ocean, there are other ways to symbolize the joining of two lives into one. A sand ceremony offers the perfect solution for staying within your beach theme and showing the union at the same time. Our sand ceremony kits include a vase of sand for the bride, another for the groom and a larger container to hold the contents of both as they are poured in together.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Make It Your Day

Since you've found the man of year dreams, make sure you have the wedding of your dreams. Planning stages are exciting for everyone involved, and many family members and even friends often mean well with they take over a certain apsect of your ceremony or reception. However, it's important not to give in to something just because it will make someone else happy. If you've always dreamed of walking toward your groom on the beaches of a tropical island, then stand up against your grandmother who demands you have a church wedding in the family synagogue.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Package Says It All

Sometimes it's not just what's in the package but the package itself that makes a statement. For weddings that are held at the beach, favors tend to be a lot more fun and theme oriented. Picking the right favor is important. However, the perfect package can crucial to pulling off the intended atmosphere. From acrylic seashell shaped boxes, vinyl bags with aquatic prints, mini glass bottles, to boxes displaying ocean side photos, the possibilities are numerous when it comes to making your guests feel like they are on a tropical getaway to celebrate your wedding.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beat The Heat

Ocean view weddings provide beautiful backdrops for the most important day of your life. However, many tropical venues come with extremely warm weather, especially during the summer. If you're location is expected to see temperatures over 85 degrees when you exchange vows, consider large umbrellas scattered throughout the seating area to provide shade for guests. Planning the ceremony for early morning or late evening is also a great way to avoid the heat of day and potential heat strokes or awful sweating. Some brides provide fans and bottles of water to those attending the event. These kind gestures show people you appreciate them coming to your wedding and that you want them to be as comfortable as possible.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Beach Weddings Go Green

Whether you realize it or not, exchanging vows on the shores of an ocean is a very green move. By taking advantage of the picturesque nature already provided, lots of manufactured materials aren't even needed. For those who go with an informal feel at the beach, they're not likely to utilize limos or other vehicles for transportation. Rather, they probably use a location that has reception facilities adjacent to the beach, which eliminates fumes and pollution.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We Now Ship Internationally

If you're having a destination wedding in another country or live outside the U.S., you can now have beach themed supplies shipped anywhere in the world from our sister site. Whether you're exchanging vows from the shores of Maui or marrying your best friend on the top of an ocean side cliff in Scotland, you don't have to skimp on the products to enhance this memorable day. Americans can order all the items they need and have them shipped directly to international locations. Those who reside in other countries can also take advantage of the wide variety of favors, decorations and anything else they'd like for their ceremony at the beach.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How Will You Make Mom Feel Special At Your Wedding

On this day when we honor mothers, it's a great time to consider how you're going to make the mother of the bride and your future mother-in-law feel special. Whether they help with much of the planning or just show up in a dress you've approved, it's important to make them feel important. This "Bridal Support Team" shirt is the perfect way to let all moms in the wedding party feel like their opinions and support are valued.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Make Sure To Have Plan B For Less Than Perfect Weather

While beach weddings are absolutely breathtaking, weather conditions can transform a perfect day into a nightmare. When planning an oceanside ceremony, make sure to have an alternative incase inclement weather stirs up trouble. Most locations provide a tent or indoor option if the forecast becomes gloomy. Checking on these choices way before you say "I do" will relieve stress and keep the day looking sunny no matter the outdoor climate.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Save Money With Items That Serve Many Purposes

Even though the economy continues to look grim, brides all over the country keep planning their dream beach weddings. One way to ensure you stay on budget is to purchase products that can be used in more than one way. Chocolate seashells serve as visual elements on a cake, favors for guests, decorations on food table and thank you gifts for those who came to a shower.