Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tips For Using Silk Flower Petals At A Beach Wedding

It's traditional to line the wedding ceremony aisle with gorgeous flower petals - and why would it be different with a beach theme wedding? You can make quite a statement at your wedding with red or white rose petals that stand out against the crystalline sand. Here are some great tips to employ when considering using traditional flower petals at your beach theme wedding.

Use silk rose petals.

Silk rose petals can easily be cleaned up after the event and boxed delicately for a precious wedding keepsake. With silk petals, you don't have to worry about them getting bruised or damaged in storage before or after the wedding, or during the ceremony! You can mix and match colors and the petals will never wilt or fade, making them the perfect addition to your beach wedding.

Try Something Unique

Why just stick with rose petals? Try incorporating something unique and different into your beach wedding ceremony, such as silk hydrangea petals. These gorgeous, for pronged petals will really make the difference and show your guests how important each and every detail is to you!

Something To Throw

Instead of rice, birdseed or even bubbles, many beach brides and grooms choose to have rose petals thrown at them by their guests. One of the most popular way to distribute gorgeous silk rose petals for your guests to toss is beautifully wrapped individual boxes. Your guests can each take one and toss the petals at you and your groom as you exit the church.

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