Monday, April 14, 2008

Sand Ceremony Sets Create A Unique Touch

Just about every bride knows about the traditional unity candle - it is used to symbolize the joining of a husband and wife as well as the joining of the two families. Beach brides can do it a little bit differently at their beach theme wedding with sand ceremony sets to create unique memories that last a lifetime!

Sand ceremony sets are comprised of three or more different vases of colored sand. The bride, the groom and their parents each have a vase with a different color of sand. Many families choose to have their children have vases with different colors of sand or other members of their families. During the ceremony while poetry is being read or music is being played, the families each pour their sand into the larger glass vase (which is usually empty before this part of the ceremony). The sand can be layered in any pattern that the bride and groom wishes to symbolize the blending of families.

Heart shaped sand ceremony vase sets can add more emotion to this part of the ceremony and will make a wonderful keepsake, while sand ceremony vases with candles incorporated into them will give the set a more traditional touch. Engraved sets will also give your ceremony a unique and personalized touch - but don't forget to purchase the sand in the colors of your choice!

Let the natural beauty of sand speak for you and your groom at your beach theme wedding to signify the start of a new life together!

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