Sunday, April 20, 2008

Decorate Your Beach Wedding Reception With Real, Natural Seashells

Many beach theme wedding decorations include seashells, and rightly so. Natural seashells truly bring the beach to the table and you can use them to decorate your reception tables, your cake table and even your ceremony if you get creative with them! You can actually do a great number of things with natural seashells and using them can really make an impact at your beach wedding!

Why not use actual, real seashells as place card holders? Show your guests to their seats in style with seashells that have been modified to hold place cards and even small photos if you wish. Use large seashells as wedding reception table decorations to really make a statement or mix it up with smaller natural seashells for unique and dimensional beach theme wedding decorations. Try sprinkling extra small seashells on the tablecloths for a "confetti" look - your guests will be surprised to learn that they're actually miniature seashells when they sit down! You can even let your guests take some of the shells home in small boxes or baskets to decorate their own homes with or add to their collection of keepsakes.

If you're looking for a classic beach theme wedding addition, try using all white seashells. They'll create a gorgeous, elegant and chic look to your wedding and add just the right touch to your ceremony! No matter how you choose to use natural seashells at your beach wedding, you can rest assured that they're just the thing you've been looking for to put the finishing touches on your wedding decorations.

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