Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beach Bride Footwear

Shoes are an important part of the bride's wedding attire and most brides have a wide selection of the footwear that they can wear with their wedding gown. Beach brides, however, have more of a challenge, especially if their ceremony takes place in the sand. A bride certainly can't wear high heels at a beach themed wedding! What can a beach bride wear?

Flip flops are a classic beach option for anyone, whether they're casual flip flops or dressy. Many beach brides choose comfortable, casual flip flops to wear with their gown because most gowns trail the floor and hide their shoes. Many beach brides are choosing tea length or shorter dresses, however, and not just any flip flops will do.

White flip flops are perfect, and you can purchase some with gorgeous details on them to match your beach wedding gown. They're comfortable and dressy enough to work with any beach themed bridal attire. Silver flip flops are also a great choice and will make you feel glamorous even though you're simply wearing comfortable shoes to your beach wedding!

Don't stress out over the type of footwear you're going to don at your beach theme wedding. Trust your instinct to choose the perfect shoes to match your wedding dress - after all, it's your wedding and you want to look absolutely fabulous! Just don't count out flip flops from the beginning - there are many styles that would look absolutely stunning with your gown and are comfortable to wear too!

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