Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nautical Theme Wedding Accessories

Whether you're having a beach themed wedding or you and your partner have a passion for sailing, having nautical theme decorations and wedding favors can really set the mood for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Votive candles are quickly becoming a popular way to add romantic lighting to reception tables, and a glass sailboat votive holder will really capture the light of the candle. Your guests will love how the romantic, flickering flame lights up the sailboat's glass sails and casts a gorgeous glow across the room.

Sailboat and nautical themed place card holders also add a whimsical touch to your reception table decoration, and guests can even take them home and use them as photo holders. It's a great way to show each of your guests to their seats!

Sailboat theme wine bottle toppers and keychains are classic wedding favors and each guest will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Let them remember how much fun your nautical or beach theme wedding was every time they open a bottle of wine or use their keys!

You can also place sailboat designed tins on your reception table and fill them with mints, candy or party nuts to let guests snack on in between cocktail hour and dinner or even after dinner. No matter how you choose to use sailboat and beach themed accessories for your wedding, each piece will help bring out the mood and feel of your wedding!

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