Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sweet Edible Beach Favors In More Ways than One

Beach weddings are sweet, romantic and fun ways to bring together your family and friends to celebrate your union in marriage. You can combine the casual atmosphere of the beach with the romantic concept of being married in the seemingly eternal cycle of the sun, not to mention that you and your guests can really get your hair down and just have fun.

Well, why not add to the excitement of your wedding by planning for edible beach flavors? Your guests will love it that they will be able to enjoy your wedding favors instead of having to go through the wringer of deciding to keep or throw away the said favors.

For example, not everybody will want to keep key chains, small photo frames and other odds and ends from your wedding. These can add to the clutter in your guests' homes, after all. But when it comes to edible wedding favors like mints, candies and chocolates, you can be sure that your guests will definitely keep the goodies - in their stomachs, that is.

Now, if that is not being sweet and thoughtful to the sanity of your guests, then think of the sweet tastes that your edible beach favors will give for them. Mints are good favors especially when your guests have had too much to drink and it shows - nay, smells. Just open the tin box and your mints are waiting for you in time for the next slow dance.

And then there are the chocolates in various beach-related themes. Think seashells, sand dollars and starfishes and you get the idea. Since it is almost heretical to refuse the gifts of chocolates, you have the happy thought that your chocolate favors are going to be a hit. Even if other aspects of your wedding go nuts, you have this thought to comfort you, not to mention that chocolate is in itself comfort food.

Your choices in packaging of your edible beach favors are many, too. There are boxes with ribbons, tins with quirky designs, and baskets with bows, to name a few. Just make sure to ask your wedding supplier if your choice of edible favors come in the colors complementing your motif. After all, you want to have a unified wedding theme from the color of your bouquet to the design of the favors and everything else in between.

When it comes to wedding favors, you must veer away from the traditional knickknacks, which can be a hit-or-miss affair. Instead, go for edible wedding favors that your guests will surely express their liking for, mainly by eating them. Now, that is appreciation!

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