Saturday, May 8, 2010

Relax with Beach Chair Favors

Chairs – we see them everyday, we use them everyday and we appreciate them everyday. After all, chairs represent sitting down to relax after a hard day at work on your toes. Well, of course, chairs will also represent work, work and more work for the desk-bound among us but still, working on a desk while sitting on a comfortable chair definitely beats sitting on an electric chair.

But that’s neither here nor there with the topic at hand, which is beach chair favors. Then again, with wedding favors in the shapes of chairs, you are almost saying to your guests to “Sit down, relax and just enjoy the show” – the show being your wedding, of course.

Don’t be pressured into putting on a grand show, however, as your guests will better appreciate a fun, relaxed and casual time with family and friends. Just make sure that your guests are comfortable, are fed delicious foods and are having a good time on the dance floor. You will then be able to relax, too.

So, why choose beach chair favors, you may ask? First, you can keep to your budget since these wedding favors are very affordable. Prices range from $1.35 each to as much as $29.95 for a miniature folding beach chair.

Second, your wedding favors for a beach-themed wedding will definitely be unique. Your supplier can have these miniature chairs personalized for a small additional fee. You may have beach towel stickers placed on the chairs bearing your name and your partner’s name as well as the date and venue of the wedding.

Third, you can have a two-in-one favor and place cards! Yes, your guests can find the tables where they are supposed to be seated by the beach chair favors, which they can then take home with them at the end of the festivities. Again, you should be well within your budget.

Fourth, your wedding favors can be used in a variety of uses. Choose from place card holders, tea light holders and photo holders, to name a few choices. The important thing is that these favors appeal to your own sense of form and function. Indeed, who says that favors have to be useless knickknacks?

With all these good reasons for going for beach chair giveaways, you can now relax and just enjoy the process of planning your wedding. You might say that it is one thing down on the list of to-do things, so to speak, and one less thing to worry about.

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